In 1979 the State of Texas approved the Development Corporation Act, Article 5190.6, Vernon's Texas Civil Statues that allowed cities in Texas the power to hold a special election on the adoption of a sales and use tax pursuant to the provisions of Section 4B of the Development Corporation Act of 1979. An election was held in Hawkins in 1999 where voters approved the additional tax. The sales tax authorized by Section4B, provides cities with a wide range of uses. It is intended to give communities an opportunity to undertake projects that improve the quality of life for the community. Section 4 B tax can be used to fund projects that are considered community development initiatives such as purchase of land, building, equipment and expenditures to improve facilities, parks and entertainment venues.

After the election, and pursuant to State of Texas statutes, the City Council authorized by the creation of the Hawkins Community Development Corporation (HCDC) to act on behalf of the city to promote economic development. The HCDC is a non-profit, tax-exempt Texas Corporation, which is a separate entity from any other board or commission of the city of Hawkins and is registered with the Texas Secretary of State and Texas Comptroller as required by law.

The HCDC Board is comprised of seven directors who are appointed and overseen by the City Council. Of the seven directors, at least three must not be employed by the city or members of the City Council. Board members serve for a term of two years and may be reappointed to succeed themselves. Hawkins Community Development Corporation is managed by a seven-member Board committed to projects and promotions to further growth for the town and citizens.

Projects funded by Hawkins Community Development Corporation

Guidelines, Criteria and Application for Hawkins

Economic Development Corporation's Business Improvement Grant Program

Purpose and Use

This program is to promote the development and expansion of new and existing business enterprises with the City of Hawkins, Texas, and to enhance the economic welfare of the citizens of the City of Hawkins, by securing and retaining business enterprises and maintaining a high level of employment, economic activity and stability. This grant amount shall be equal or less then the cost of improvements: minimum of $500 and a maximum of $9,850. Total grant funding for the HCDC fiscal year may not exceed $9,850. Fiscal year of HCDC starts in October and runs thru September.

Types of Projects

Application and Approval

Applications must be filled out and necessary bids submitted on or before the first Monday of the month shall be considered at the next regular Hawkins Community Development Corporation meeting.

The application for the Hawkins Community Development Corporation Improvement Grant Program must be made on a form provided by the HCDC. Forms shall be made available at Hawkins City Hall and/or Credential Research.

Completed Business Improvement Grant Application must be submitted to the HCDC President or dropped off at the Hawkins Chamber of Commerce mailbox located on front of building, City Hall, or Credential Research.

All applications will be improved by HCDC board and will be notified if the grant is not deem necessary or appropriate.

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